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The village of Aldborough near Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire is the site of Isurium Brigantum, once one of the most important towns in Roman Britain.

The Friends of Roman Aldborough have been formed to promote Roman Aldborough. Find out more about us.

The Roman name for Aldborough

was Isurium Brigantum. The town was established sometime after AD74 when the Romans established themselves in Northern Britain, following an uprising by the Brigantes tribe. The Brigantes were the native people who ruled most of what is now Northern England from Hadrian’s Wall down to South Derbyshire.

Aldborough has been noted for its Roman relics throughout the ages, but at one time little value was attached to them and many have perished, including a number of mosaic pavements known to have been in existence until at least 1730.

The Friends group has been set up to encourage people to explore their Roman heritage, offering new opportunities and experiences to help them discover their (Roman) past and to share their knowledge and expertise.

The Aldborough Roman Town Project

Professor Martin Millett, Cambridge University and Rose Ferraby are currently undertaking a survey of the village using advanced geophysical techniques and the results so far have been very rewarding .The Aldborough Roman Town Project began in 2009, with the aim of learning more about the remains of Isurium Brigantium, and what it could reveal about Roman Britain.

Over the past ten years a wide range of survey techniques has been used to map the buildings, roads and ditches as well as pulling together previous work in the area. A great deal has been discovered about this Roman town which was a very important centre of administration for much of northern Britain.

The town is conventionally seen as geographically marginal in the Roman province and of secondary importance to York. However, a pattern of planning has been uncovered with major hillside terracing and grand houses with sophisticated design and decoration suggesting a place of more significance and interest with a distinctive character of its own.


Upcoming Events

2020 Programme of Events

2020 Programme of Events

The 2020 Programme has now been finalised and we are very much looking forward to another year of fascinating talks, enjoyable events and interesting visits to local sites and those further afield. We hope that you are able to join us and look forward to seeing you there!

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2020 Visits

2020 Visits

Visits are organised to other Roman sites and museums throughout the North of England.

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