Dr David Paton and Dr Rose Ferraby demonstrating stone masonry and carving to visitors to the site.

FORA guides showed how the Sherwood Sandstone had been worked to build the wall around the Roman town. Different tool marks are evident. Low down we can see hatching created by using a punch.

The quarry is located on a spur of the Sherwood Sandstone that runs to the east of Aldborough. It is generally quite friable, but around this area it is harder. This quarry has extraordinary preservation of tool marks, so we can even see the size of the blocks being removed.

The mosaics use a range of stones which may be both local and from further afield.There is some Purbeck stone from Dorset included as well as local limestones and possible lias.

The star mosaic is housed in a stone building which was built shortly after it was discovered in 1848. This sandstone might have also come from the quarry.