Peter Phillips 2

The Romans and the rains came!

This was the timetable for the day:

10:00 ­ Introduce the Roman soldiers by name and talk about different parts of kit, scutum, pilum, segmentata, helmet, gladius, pugio.

10:30 – Demonstrate how to form una ordine, move into duos ordines, demonstrate how to form testudo, then both ranks form testudo.

11:00 ­ General discussion / explanation about life as a Roman soldier, age at entry, service, pay, pension, medical care, equipment.

12:00 ­ Children’s army ­ provide cardboard shields (scuta) and foam swords (gladius), organise into ranks and address (salute) to The Emperor. Marching and simple drill manoeuvres.

13:00 ­ Military drill in arena, demonstrating forming ranks and Cuneum (wedge formation) and dealing with cavalry charge.

Unfortunately, rain prevented a Roman bread making demonstration, otherwise the weather did not deter Legio VI Victrix or our guests – the Mayor of Harrogate, Nick Brown, the Mayor and Mayoress of Boroughbridge, Peter and Pauline Phillips and Andrew Jones, the local MP.