Author: David Roberts

Friends of Roman Aldborough Complaints Policy

  COMPLAINTS POLICY The Friends of Roman Aldborough (FORA) is committed to providing a high-quality experience for our members and guests and dealing with everyone fairly.  We acknowledge that despite our best intentions we may not always get things right.  If at any point you become unhappy or concerned about something we are doing, or not doing, we need you to tell us about this immediately so that we can do our best to understand, look into and resolve your concerns. Making a complaint to FORA If you feel dissatisfied about any aspect of what we are doing at an event, elsewhere or in any other way, please: If possible, immediately discuss your dissatisfaction with any FORA representative who appears to be involved in organising or running the activity which is concerning you, or If the above is not possible, please contact FORA’s Secretary (contact details below), explain that you are dissatisfied, and she will arrange for a trustee to contact you to discuss your concerns; we will aim to do so within 7 days. If you cannot do the above or doing so does not resolve your concerns, we will deal with the matter as a formal complaint. In this event, please write to Christopher Butterworth, our trustee responsible for dealing with any complaints, by email or post c/o FORA’s Secretary (contact details below). Christopher, or in his...

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Friends of Roman Aldborough Privacy Policy

The Friends of Roman Aldborough (FORA) wishes to protect the privacy of our members and supporters and to treat the information you give us with care.

This policy explains how we collect, store and use personal information you give to us. We wish to be clear about why we need to collect your personal information and what we are going to use it for.

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Military Weekend September 2016

The Romans and the rains came! This was the timetable for the day: 10:00 ­ Introduce the Roman soldiers by name and talk about different parts of kit, scutum, pilum, segmentata, helmet, gladius, pugio. 10:30 – Demonstrate how to form una ordine, move into duos ordines, demonstrate how to form testudo, then both ranks form testudo. 11:00 ­ General discussion / explanation about life as a Roman soldier, age at entry, service, pay, pension, medical care, equipment. 12:00 ­ Children’s army ­ provide cardboard shields (scuta) and foam swords (gladius), organise into ranks and address (salute) to The Emperor. Marching and simple drill manoeuvres. 13:00 ­ Military drill in arena, demonstrating forming ranks and Cuneum (wedge formation) and dealing with cavalry charge. Unfortunately, rain prevented a Roman bread making demonstration, otherwise the weather did not deter Legio VI Victrix or our guests – the Mayor of Harrogate, Nick Brown, the Mayor and Mayoress of Boroughbridge, Peter and Pauline Phillips and Andrew Jones, the local MP....

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