Visit to York Minster’s Stoneyard and Undercroft
Oct 2 all-day

Following the success of the Stone Day at Aldborough Roman site in August, we will be paying a visit to the Minster Stoneyard where we will find out more about the fascinating work of the masons and the techniques they use to repair, restore and protect the cathedral’s historic fabric and demonstrate ancient craft skills.

You are free to then make your own arrangements for lunch.

In the afternoon, one of the Minster guides will be taking us on a guided tour focusing largely on the Roman history of the Minster. Following this, you will be able to explore afterwards, including in the Undercroft Exhibition, wherein lie many Roman-period architectural and artefactual remains. 


New Light on Malton’s Roman Fort – Steve Roskams, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of York
Oct 18 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Steve Roskams is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of York. He joined the staff after spending ten years in rescue archaeology, directing excavations in Carthage in Tunisia and in London. He has also worked abroad in Algeria and Beirut and, closer to home, Iron Age and Roman landscapes and settlement on the Yorkshire Wolds. At the present time he is completing the publication of a major research project focused on the prehistoric, Roman and medieval landscapes at Heslington East, immediately outside York. He has also been undertaking research outside the Roman fort at Malton.

Initial excavations were undertaken at Old Malton in the 1930s, exposing parts of the fort defences and some interior buildings. Recent work has centred on a road running away from the fort to the northeast to better understand the relationship the soldiers had with the civilians living in the community around the fort. The Roman site at Malton dates back to the late first century AD, but the soldiers were still there in the third century, when they were more settled, and had permission to marry civilians.

“We’re really interested in the relationship between the soldiers and the civilians – are there domestic houses along this road, for example? We’ve already discovered one side of the road had buildings that seem to have been shops, that would draw people from the surrounding area to the fort.”

In this latest project, Operation Nightingale has brought a group of veterans to Yorkshire, including some injured in Afghanistan, to assist with the excavations and to aid their own recovery.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Steve and to finding out more about a site that would have had close links by road to Roman Aldborough.


The Lawsons and the Dukes : Aldborough and the Great Reform Act of 1832 – Andrew Lawson-Tancred
Nov 6 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm