Feedback from members following our first Zoom talk ‘Pompeii:face-to-face with the Romans’ by Gillian Hovell.

This talk was absolutely wonderful.   So informative…so well done….we were in Pompeii last year, but I learned so much from Gillian’s video. She made it so personal and I totally get her joy and appreciation of the lives and people of Pompeii….she made two thousand years ago seem like today.  The carpet of time rolled out and then immediately rolled back to this present time….I do hope if we cannot physically meet for talks like this, that indeed they can be brought to us in this format.

Again, thank you…


I watched the video on YouTube – a very good lecture, I thought, and the detail was fascinating. 

Yes, I’d definitely watch others in the same vein.

Many thanks


Just to say how much I enjoyed the Pompeii talk. I definitely think that similar talks would be welcomed by the members while we are not able to meet in person.





It was great to be able to participate in our first on-line FORA meeting on Monday. I should have been in Italy earlier this month, visiting Pompeii and Herculanium, so I should be better prepared when it’s safe to make the trip. I’ll certainly be joining any future events, either live or later on Youtube.

Please thank everyone involved in setting up this facility.


We enjoyed the talk immensely, despite the occasional hiccough on the sound. Gillian was an engaging speaker who really brought the subject to life and the quality of the slides on our own screens meant that we didn’t need to fight for the front seats in the village hall. Best of all, for us, we could attend the talk from 155 miles away. More please!


I was there last night and thought it worked very well especially as it was a very visual presentation.

I would love there to be a few more and again with a strong visual element.


Just a quick note to say thank you to all involved in getting the lecture up and running last night. It was our first venture into the world of Zoom so it was a novel (and slightly surreal) experience.

However, we enjoyed the talk just as much as if we had been attending in person.