FORA-Logo-Portrait-rgbFriends of Roman Aldborough (FORA) organise events with different themes. The main event each year is a weekend of activities at the beginning of September.

The theme for the 2016 event was the Roman Military. Legio VI Victrix from York camped on the site demonstrating different aspects of military life. They gave a demonstration of Roman Army drill and helped the newly recruited Junior Army to learn the basic Roman Army drill.  There were various activities for the children throughout the weekend and FORA members took guided tours of the site – including a special Junior Tour.

Flora Mosaic In 2015 the theme was mosaics. Visitors were treated to an exhibition of modern mosaics by local artists and able to make their own mosaics under the watchful eye of Sue Kershaw of Malton.  For the adventurous, Sue ran a workshop where participants were able to make their own mosaic tile.  Flora, aged 10, brought along a tile she had made at school.  It shows that you can create works of art at any age.  To see more examples of mosaics on show in the exhibition click here.

September 2014 FORA celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the first museum on the Aldborough site.  The current exhibition centre was the original museum. It is believed to be one of the earliest private museums on the country. There are Victorian mosaics on the floor – made of genuine Roman tesserae.  Photographs show the museum with its original display cases down the centre of the room and the mosaics along either side.  The anniversary was celebrated with a programme of lectures and activities which included a Finds afternoon.

In September 2013 the weekend was held entirely on the museum siteThe re-enactors came back and demonstrated different aspects of Roman life including building a weaving loom and showing how cloth was woven. We had a Roman story teller, re-enactors and guided tours.

September 2012 was FORA’s first weekend event.  Activities were split between the village green and the museum site.  On the village green were stalls and various activities for children.  At the museum site we had re-enactors and guided tours.