Today, Aldborough, ½ a mile from Boroughbridge and near the A1, is a tranquil and beautiful village but ….2000 years ago Aldborough, or to give it its Roman name Isurium Brigantum, was hugely important to the occupying Romans, the bustling ‘civitas capital’ of Northern Britannia where around 2000 people lived and worked.

Now that the “Roman Empire and its impact on Britain” is one of the Key Stage 2 Programmes of Study, a visit here is a wonderful opportunity for children to find out about the Romano-British way of life. There are also exceptional educational opportunities on site for older school pupils, college students and adults with an interest in history and archaeology.

The small museum houses a fantastic collection of high quality artefacts and there are beautiful mosaic pavements – the most northerly in situ in Britain.

There is an exceptional handling collection of Roman everyday objects available and a wide range of teaching resources for youngsters of all ages for use by schools.

There are displays and information about the recent archaeological surveys by Professor Martin Millett from Cambridge University and his team. They have been working here on The Aldborough Roman Town Project for 7 years and have uncovered the full extent of the Roman town in amazing detail.

So – come to Aldborough with your school or college – educational visits are free! These are available by arrangement every day from Easter to the end of September.

Booking forms for educational visits are available on the English Heritage website. Once the booking is confirmed teachers are offered a free familiarisation visit to help them prepare for the visit.

It is also advisable to make contact with the Aldborough Site Manager to let him know the date and times of your planned visit.


The Friends of Roman Aldborough Education Team support school visits wherever possible. They are happy to answer any questions about resources available to schools and help that they can offer on the day of the visit.