The Friends of Roman Aldborough organise visits to other Roman sites and museums throughout the North of England.



The 2019 visits are spread throughout the coming season, so individual visit forms will be sent about 2 months before the visit. There will be a closing date for each visit on the form. We hope this will make it easier for you to plan ahead. Each visit has been carefully costed out to take into account mileages, entry fees and/or other costs where appropriate.

So, here are a few preliminary details which we hope will whet the appetite:


1) Visit to Mount Grace led by Mark Douglas, English Heritage. Own transport  Tuesday 2nd April


2) Visit to Malton Roman Town led by Steve Roskams, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of  York and Malton Museum and archives. Minibus available  Wednesday 15th May 


3) Visit to Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum, Wallsend. Tour led by Nick Hodgson, Archaeologist at Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums. Minibus available  Tuesday 17th July


4) Walking tour of Roman York including Roman Baths Museum led by Kurt Hunter Mann. Own transport Thursday 3rd October 


We’re sure you’ll agree that all these visits present an exciting prospect and cater for a wide range of interests.

Further details and timetables will be issued with the form.